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Pictureplane - Black Ecstasy [Mixtape]

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Pictureplane, whose latest album Thee Physical has been brewing up a bit of a buzz storm, just released a new mixtape for Seattle's Actual Pain clothing company. The tracklist is awesome, mixing genres ranging from dubstep to hip hop and tying it all together with his signature witchy but accessible sound. The mix features artists from Pictureplane himself to Nero to Nicki Minaj. It's only about 16 minutes long, but Pictureplane really packs in the sweet tracks for a mix that's both eerie and dance-worthy.

Download: Pictureplane - Black Ecstasy (Mix for Actual Pain)

Ritualz - Laguna
Hollagramz - Axis (Strange Powers Magnetic Storm Remix)
The Streets - Blinded by the Lights" (Nero remix)
Splurt - The Return VIP (Mega Refix)
Nicki Minaj - Monster (Total Freedom Edit)
DVA - Bullet a Go Fly" ft. Badness, Killa P, Riko, and Flowdan
Damscray- Darkness
Pictureplane - Post-Physical (Fire for Effect's Post-Grave remix)
LIL Internet - I Want to Be Free
Maxsta - East London is Back
Schwarz - Where Da Freaks At
Unicorn Kid - Wild Life (Blessings remix)
Raleigh Moncrief - Lament for Morning
Psychic TV - Just Drifting (Midnight)

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