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Alice Glass returns with dark new single "Without Love"

Alice Glass, former vocalist of acclaimed darkwave/electro pop duo Crystal Castles, is back with a new single, "Without Love". Her second track since leaving the band in October 2015, "Without Love" comes two years after her debut single, "Stillbirth". While the breakup may have been a messy and much publicized one, the new tune here is polished and put together quite well. Benefiting from extra production and writing from former HEALTH member Jupiter Keys, "Without Love" could easily be mistaken for a new Purity Ring song, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's certainly almost a musical 180° from the harsh, relentless industrial tones of "Stillbirth". Instead here we get the usual rattling hi hats and bass drops of a typical Purity Ring track, with spacious production and a catchy chorus.

Hopefully we won't have to wait another two years for another Alice Glass single, and that news of a proper album will be on the way, as we've already heard what a post-Glass Crystal Castles sounds like since Amnesty (I) was released around this time last year. It's safe to say at this point the Glass ceiling is pretty high.

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