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Nero-Welcome to Reality Album Review

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Attention: Nero fans, the wait is finally over. Welcome To Reality drops TODAY. This 19 track LP combines many of Nero's classics and the new Promises EP, as well as some new jams you've been crying for. It begins with the symphonic "2808" that builds perfectly into the epic and also a symphonic banger "Doomsday." How could you not love an epic orchestra mixed with dubstep elements? Nero could easily write a soundtrack for Star Wars - F**k John Williams. The new approach they've taken with their début album is completely different from their earlier releases. Nero has always been versatile with their producing and that is what everyone loves about them.

The track "Reaching Out" reminds me of what got me hooked on Dubstep. Over time I've had friends show me what they "thought" was Dubstep, but I'll always remember when I first heard "Innocence" and the way grabbed my attention and proceeded to blow me away. This track has a build-up similar to what you hear in their remix of N.E.R.D. and Daft Punk's "Hypnotize you."

      12 Reaching Out
Download: Nero - Reaching Out

The album provides a journey, taking the listener up and down a pounding roller coaster via exceptional composition and an array of sounds. "Choices" is one of the last tracks, but it might be my favorite song on this album. It has some mesmerizing arpeggios as well as a heart-pounding beat. The violin during the vocal fits in perfectly, and then two very different high energy synths appear that remind me of a Netsky-like Liquid Drum and Bass tune. This song relaxes me, but has all the works to provide an explosive live experience.

      19 Choices
Download: Nero - Choices

      14 Departure
Download: Nero - Departure

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