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ANiiML knows her worth on gothic visual, "OUCH!" [Premiere]

Crafted from a darker realm of gothic-pop and electronics, LA’s ANiiML, the brainchild of Lila Rose, spans towards a bitter yet savory taste. Known for straying away from the confinements of comfort, ANiiML curates tracks with a performance art feature in mind. The artist’s latest single and video, “OUCH!”, once again leads a viewer into a looming mysticism and pairs it with a liberating message.

Inspired from a text message Rose received through the motions of dating, “OUCH!” becomes the aftermath of drawing lines of who you allow to disrupt your emotions. Hesitating at first, keys gradually build and intertwine with Rose’s vocals as they repeat the affirmative lines, “Now you can’t get to me, get to me, get to me.”

Growing with Rose’s intense chant, the track takes a surprising turn midway and drops into a fuller soundscape backed with flaring hi-hats. The initial down-tempo swoon heard early on is broken with a deep house production. Sarcastically dancing on the notion of pain one would’ve felt before the renewal of self-love, the track explodes with confidence. As the track is a clear representation of Rose regaining control of her own thoughts and emotions, the visual companion personifies these lines into a fantasy realm.

Created and directed by Rose, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Malcom Guess, and Alicia Angeles, the story line once again utilizes the cinematic mind of ANiiML, backed with extravagant costume designs. Featuring Rose as a "ruler of emotions" and various representations of what is being planted, the final seed to be sown is self-love and happiness which blossoms into emotional freedom.

Backed by the creative agency MAAVVEN - noting work with Rihanna and St. Vincent to name a few - ANiiML will be the first in the series of MAAVVEN produced showcases starting April 18th at El Cid in Los Angeles as a release party for the single “OUCH!”

Connect with ANiiML: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

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