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WEDIDIT's Purple turns Milk & Bone's "Pressure" to the dark side

Last week we covered Deebs' remix of Milk & Bone's stunning track, "Pressure."  The Toronto-based producer gave the song's sublime vocals an intense workout, fueling them with high-energy polyrhythms and sickly-sweet synth permutations.  Turns out, WEDIDIT producer Purple was also in the lab perfecting a "Pressure" remix of his own.  From the first ominous beat, it's clear he's turned the track into something sinister, the vocals inhabiting a hellish environment full of low-end menace and creeping flickers of dark ambience, the polar opposite of the original's warming art pop.  

Purple's debut LP, Silence & Remorse, is out Sept. 4th, and you can grab Milk & Bone's debut EPLittle Mourning, now.


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.49.02 PM

Milk & Bone

"Pressure" (Purple remix)



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