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Future bass, pop, and goth collide on Nazariff and Rosé Throne's remix of "Close" [Premiere]

While idly searching Instagram for #goth, DC-based producer Nazariff found So Below, a self-proclaimed purveyor of goth pop hailing from New Zealand. Nazariff produces his own style he calls "Witch House," which blends house and bass music with a gothic motif. When Nazariff heard "Close" for the first time, he knew he had to remix it, resulting in a musical connection spanning halfway around the world quite literally.

Nazariff and Rosé Throne infuse more drama into the poppy original via trap snares and sub bass elements that rise and fall with So Below's moody vocals. In Nazariff's words, the "Close" remix "captures the emotions of the lyrics of the original and puts them into overdrive." It's hard to dispute that this remix adds depth and dimension to the original, and if you like this effort, you'll be elated to hear that there's a full EP in the works by this duo.

Connect with Nazariff: Soundcloud |Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Rosé Throne: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with So BelowSoundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Dance · Future Bass · Witch


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