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The Slice, Episode 80 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

Welcome to Episode 80 of The Slice. This week, we open up with the commanding vocals of Brooklyn native BAYLI on her new single, "not safe." She makes use of a bouncy, guitar-laden backdrop to share her thoughts on the lack of safe spaces in her world as a whole. She is quite honest and direct with her message that not many things are safe for the LGBTQIA+ youth but we all can always do better to alleviate the situation.

Emerging Canadian act ManikinHotel's "BLESSING" is a reflective record that sees him apologizing to his girl after a turbulent episode in their relationship. The track has a mellow dreamy vibe and his melodic runs are quite catchy on this one. Matt Nye returns to our list with "Hell of a Guy," where he shares a tale of a young individual making his way through this crazy world and his only recourse is to use some herb to calm his nerves. German musician Fen switches the vibe with this funky/soulful track "Proud": A Motown-inspired record ripe with a classic drum break, warm basslines, and J5 influenced instrumentation. He sure brings back the yesteryears with catchy refrains, layered harmonies, and an internal message of making one's father proud. Zay Greedo takes us deep into the dark alleys on this vivid street anthem titled, "CITY OF JORDAN." Greedo's impassioned delivery and detailed storytelling are bolstered by the excellent Earth, Wind & Fire sample chop that forms the perfect canvass for him. Emerging singer Mai Anna's "FWU" showcases her penchant for blending pop-infused r&b vibes. The record is very warm and her sultry melodic vocals take center stage over the dreamy production. "FWU" is the first single off her forthcoming debut EP. Flashy B, Trizz, and Chuuwee team up for this laidback hustler anthem, "Wait On It." Flashy B brings his melodic drawl to the stage while Trizz and Chuuwee go in with their vivid lyrical style steeped in pure bravado.

London-based rapper Le3 bLACK's "Black Pluto" takes elements from electronica, dance, and trip-hop. The beat is dark, cinematic, and ripe with off-beat sound designs and punchy drums to match the rapper's insightful lyrics that dive into human behavior under pressure .Producer NugLife, AKTHESAVIOR (of The Underachievers), and Self Provoked celebrate 4/20 with this herb influenced single titled, "Ride Slow." A smooth blend of jazz and trap forms the basis of the track as the rappers form a higher alliance with the help of a new strain to ease the stress. "All Again" is a heartfelt nostalgia-inducing record by Spanish singer Carlos Abril who captures the summer vibe in its totality. From the warm soft keys, guitars, and his alluring vocals, listeners are drawn into the mix from the moment they hit the play button. Filipina/Canadian R&B singer, songwriter Vita Lioni caught our ears with "Make Me Break." The record is sultry and atmospheric with Lioni's sublime vocals being the main focus. The anime-inspired record takes liberties with the romance between Yuki Cross and Kaname Kuran from the anime “Vampire Knight” and puts it on wax in a unique manner.

Kaya Ka$h's "Wow" is an unapologetic vibrant track that sees the rapper in her element. Over an energetic backdrop, Ka$h takes the rein as the lady in charge while letting naysayers know that she is not going anywhere anytime soon.
Malaynah displays a nice blend of melody and hard-hitting raps on this bounty single titled "In My Whip." She embodies the mindset of a go-getter on this one with her commanding vocals and presence.
UK rapper/producer Ruff Child flips a classic soul sample for his 4/20 celebratory record titled, "Wake & Bake." He doesn't shy away from his love for Mary J on this one and he also brings a fun-filled demeanor to the stage.
Canadian underground rap duo HarveyDent shares their sophomore single, "The Anthem," and it's a solid hard-hitting gem ripe with fiery lyrics over Young Swisher's eerie production.

Rapper RageMD and producer SaDiCi team up for this soulful jam titled, "Nobody." RageMD takes time to reflect on his love life and mixes it up with some melodic runs showcasing his versatility.
Dessa's "Terry Gross" is a dark cinematic piece that is comprised of an experimental arrangement. Dessa on the other hand goes for an off-kilter style of rap that blends stream of consciousness and introspective views. Sacramento emcee Abstract Ninjaa's "Crash And Burn", is the first single off his upcoming album Club 27. Backed by the somber and reflective backdrop by iMAGiNARY OTHER, Ninjaa shares with us a tale of boy meets girl in a weird world where things don't go as planned. We close out this week with the help of UK musician Jay Marwaha who delivers this future-soul/funk record titled, "Free of Inhibition." The aptly titled record takes liberties with the genres and delivers a carefree, melodic piece that we all can rock to before the summer months appear.

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For a full tracklist of this week's featured artists:

BAYLI - "not safe"

ManikinHotel - "BLESSING"

Matt Nye - "Hell of a Guy"

Fen - "Proud"


Mai Anna - "FWU"

Flashy B x Trizz - "Wait On It" (feat. Chuuwee)

Le3 bLACK - "Black Pluto"

NugLife x AKTHESAVIOR x Self Provoked - "Ride Slow"

Carlos Abril - "All Again"

Vita Lioni - "Make Me Break"

Kaya Ka$h - "Wow"

Malaynah - "In My Whip"

Ruff Child - "Wake & Bake"

HarveyDent - "The Anthem"

RageMD & SaDiCi - "Nobody"

Abstract Ninjaa - "Crash and Burn"

Jay Marwaha - "Free of Inhibition"

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