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Dessa's "Rome" details the way we live and much more

Dessa kicks off 2021 with her first single "Rome." A vibrant and insightful track that explores the connection (no pun intended) between ravenous global corporations, the internet, and the rest of us.

Ironically, the record was done remotely by Dessa and producers Lazerbeak, and Andy Thompson who all worked from their respective home studios. With the help of Thompson and Lazerbeak, a longtime collaborator in Doomtree, the track got fully fleshed out via filesharing and probably a couple of zoom video calls. Dessa adds via email that the track was birthed after she heard a pair of bucket drummers in the subway whose drum arrangements formed the backbone of the song.

"Rome" is aimed to prick the mind with Dessa penning socially conscious verses that touch on the way we live presently. Although the instrumentation is energetic and somewhat easily digestible, lines like "But then the data got bigger than the beta test who/ ‘da thought, after all, looks like the wire wore you" begs the question of how safe our personal data is? Regardless, the system must run and we all are stuck in it with the corporates running the show. It may sound gloomy but at the end, it's really up to you to do what you want with this information.

"Rome" is the first song in Dessa’s 2021 project Ides, where she will release one song and one merch product per month for the first half of the year.

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Hip-Hop · Indie · Rap


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