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Laraw puts her post-lockdown friendship anxieties on display on "This Is How I Lost My Friends"

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Laraw shares the new pop-infused single, "This Is How I Lost My Friends." Putting all her thoughts from the past year into a song, the track explores how the overwhelming state of the world has led to many friendship hiatuses. 

Glazed in pop sensibilities, "This Is How I Lost My Friend" is a modern pop bop that worms itself into your head and leaves you singing, "what the fuck is the matter with me" too many times a day. With an incredibly addictive backbeat and Laraw's sugary vocals atop, the track makes for the perfect post-lockdown anthem. "Last year was fucked. I just stopped talking to everyone because I had nothing left to say," she shares. "People who’ve known me for a while know that I don’t like going out or hanging out with anyone to begin with … but last year was different. I needed someone to ask me how I was doing and no one did — no one could, really. We were all going through it."

"I miss my friends and can’t wait for us to be all safe again. Until then, This is how I lost my friends. Not because I wanted to but because life happened, anxiety got the best of me and I didn't feel like asking for help. Sorry dudes."

"This Is How I Lost My Friends" feels so incredibly relevant after the past year. It's been hard to navigate friendships when we've all be trying to maintain our own mental health and stay safe. Friendships have definitely been put to the test, but sometimes it's key to put ourselves first and leave those social anxieties behind us. I'm applauding Laraw for somehow putting my own anxieties into a song that I can dance around to and pretend don't exist. Thank you on behalf of us that haven't quite been able to put into words exactly how we feel about our friendships post-lockdown.

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