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The Slice, Episode 70 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

The Slice's 70th episode is here with a lot of refreshing cuts from around the globe. So without much fanfare, we let emcees Myka 9, Blu, and the late UK producer Profound kick things off with the insightful single "Joy & Pain." The track pairs both emcees over the dynamic piano-driven production from Profound (RIP). "Joy & Pain" is the lead single from Myka's forthcoming collaboration album with Profound titled Nine Clouds. L.A based producer  NappyHIGH rallies up the posse on his new single "Charismatic" with the help of Memnoc, Dizzy Wright and Casey Veggies. The laidback cut is built on a nostalgic jazzy texture and a whole lot of off-the-cuff lyrics from the trio of emcees. Emerging emcee Matt Nye teams up with Kell Vicous and rap veteran Keith Murray on “Smokin Mirrors”—a solemn cut that reminds us of the deception and lies often perpetrated by people in order to keep up appearances.

Next up, Kash makes masterful use of a classic vocal sample on his hard-hitting single "Unbreakable." The poetic wordsmith details his rough upbringing and how he managed to survive the mean streets. The record is fiery and Kash delivers an unapologetic performance while throwing shots at the opposition. The Bronx, NY based rapper Uncle TreY tones it down with "PRIME"—a heartfelt ballad that sees him reflecting on how life is in this global lockdown. Nigerian Singer JVSH and producer Charlie X's "Sleep Good" is a fusion of subtle melodic runs, moody pads, and lush guitar riffs. The duo bring a refreshing element to the playlist with this soulful collaboration taken off their recently released Se7en EP.

The Commotions shift us into a new gear with the vibrant funky jam titled "New Suit." The retro-fitted energetic cut aims to inspire the little voice in our head to kill all the negativities, go forth and live the day. UK singer Abi Flynn's third single "Storm Before the Calm" caught our ears and it's a no-brainer given its warm textures and catchy melodies. Flynn delivers a solid performance as expected and implores us to find our inner beauty within the chaos. "Luna Moths" is a collaboration between producer/emcee Tonio Sagan, bassist Michael Wilbur, and Erick t Coomes on sax. The result is an off-kilter futuristic jazz improv rap track that delivers lush textures and bravado/sci-fi lyrics from Sagan.

Neak's"4Eva Eva" is a tribute cut that pays homage to this thing called life. Bolstered by a punchy drum and airy textures courtesy of Rashid Hadee, Neak takes time to celebrate the little things that come with just being alive and well.
Malik Da God follows up with Flame Brain on the energetic single "No Words" where he tackles all the wack emcees in the game. He makes use of a dark trap backdrop to convey his thoughts and it is not so pleasant towards artists who misuse their platform.

New Orleans bred & Texas-raised Shirt Off Fe takes us deep into his life on the revealing track "The Rain." The track embodies the different cultures he was raised in with modern styled flows and insightful lyrics to match. Boston group STL GLD turn things up on their new single "Money Bags" that brings a punchy production and fiery bravado-driven flow. We mix things up a bit with the inclusion of "mature poison," a cinematic instrumental by Italian producers niciPGTL and Giovane Six. The beat is somewhat stripped down with its dark synths, ominous pads, and hard-hitting crispy drums. With “The Blue Hood,” Rasheed Chappell and Buckwild deliver an engaging performance. From the menacing instrumental to the concept where Rasheed takes on the role of a racist white police officer and the results are absolutely flooring. Passport Rav's "Psh" closes up this week's edition. The laidback self-produced soulful track features Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire and Chris Crack who all add their own brand of vivid lyricism to the mix.

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For a full tracklist of this week's featured artists:

Myka 9 x Blu x Profound - "Joy & Pain"

NappyHIGH x Memnoc x Dizzy Wright x Casey Veggies - "Charismatic"

Matt Nye - “Smokin Mirrors” feat. Keith Murray & Kell Vicous


Uncle TreY - "Prime"

JVSH "Sleep Good"

The Commotions - "New Suit"

Abi Flynn - "Storm Before the Calm"

Tonio Sagan - "Luna Moths" (feat. Michael Wilbur & Erick t Coomes)

Neak - "4Eva Eva"

Malik Da God x Flame Brain - "No Words"

Shirt Off Fe -"The Rain"

STL GLD - "Money Bags"

niciPGTL x Giovane Six - "mature poison"

Rasheed Chappell & Buckwild - "The Blue Hood"

Passport Rav - "Psh" (feat. Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire & Chris Crack)

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