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Evan Blum and Lucy Clearwater will always see the "Good In You"

Evan Blum and Lucy Clearwater make a dreamy pair. Their ethereal voices mesh perfectly together in this latest ballad "Good In You."

With the opening line, "We fuss and we fight/till we're screaming inside/but I can always find the good in you" Blum wastes no time to speak directly to the listener. The warm pianos and intimate guitar build to a soothing campfire-style chorus. The indie-folk structure creates a warm storytelling element. Of the track, Blum shares in an email, "It's not just about lovers, it's about your family members or your friends. It's about anyone in your life you wanna just accept for who they are." 

The vocal chemistry between Blum and Clearwater is so palpable, and Clearwater's voice is so clear and delicate it brings you chills. She adds, "There's always going to be little things about your partner that could be a point of conflict, but if you like them enough, there's always a way to see the best or the 'good' in that person." It serves as a sweet reminder of what's important in relationships.

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