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Trizz is trying to make it out of the "Kill Zone"

Rising West coast rapper Trizz kicks off the new year with a killer new single embodying his soldier-like mindstate titled "Kill Zone".

The Oh Gosh Leotus produced song has a dark, cinematic vibe but also loaded with heavy 808 drums and trap elements. Like the title suggests, Trizz is going through a phase where making it out alive with a sane mindstate is his priority. He doesn't mince words when he details his personal struggles ranging from sour relationships, inner demons and a soldier going through the battlefield with one thing on his mind; survival at any cost.

"Kill Zone" is the first single of Trizz's upcoming album The Basement, which will be released early 2019. For those that have been following Trizz, he was discovered by Sacramento Horrorcore legend Brotha Lynch Hung in 2012. Trizz has 8 self-released solo projects with the latest being Ashes N Dust released in December 2017, where the full album is produced by producer and friend AC3 Beats.


Connect with Trizz:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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