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Sultan + Shepard join This Never Happened for "Kochi" EP

Sultan + Shepard continue on their progressive journey in their latest release, a three-track EP entitled Kochi. Following a series of remixes that they dropped in the beginning of the year - one for ARTY and one for Lustral - this EP is the first release of the year from the Canadian duo. It also marks their first appearance on Lane 8's This Never Happened label, known for its contemporary take on deep melodic house and electronica. Lane 8 posted to Instagram to voice his excitement, recalling his first time hearing Sultan + Shepard's music played live nearly a decade ago.

Hearing Kochi serves as a reminder of that veteran status that Sultan + Shepard hold in dance music, as each track's production flows with beauty and ease. Named for a city in India, synths, piano and bass are layered in a way that feels so simple to listen to, almost as if nature created it herself. Both separately as tracks and as a whole, Kochi focuses on eliciting emotion and creating atmosphere in a way that only Sultan + Shepard can do.

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