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Gui Boratto and Vintage Culture unveil striking remix of Monolink's "The Prey"

Having recently announced the finer details of his eagerly-anticipated second studio album Under Darkening Skies, internationally celebrated German artist Monolink now unveils the latest remix of his hit single "The Prey", as he enlists two top talents of the Brazilian electronic music scene, Gui Boratto and Vintage Culture, to provide their club-focused interpretation of the introspective original.

Out now via Embassy One, Ultra Records and Sweat It Out, Gui Boratto and Vintage Culture’s remix marks an impressive debut collaboration from the two Brazilian heavyweight producers, and follows the success of Mind Against’s recent remix of the same production. A delectable slice of raw, intricately textured, melodic house music, Boratto and Vintage Culture’s expert treatment of organic instrumentation, analogue synthesisers and punchy four-to-the-flour drums delivers in spades. Tempering Steffen Linck’s melancholic vocals with juxtaposed euphoria, cascading arpeggios and driving, guitar-led basslines throughout, this opening partnership from the two South American producers is yet another remarkable addition to Monolink’s expansive remix catalogue.

Enjoying a meteoric rise in the scene over the past five years, Vintage Culture, aka Lukas Ruiz, is an artist who lives and breathes the culture of dance music. Now, and for the first time in his career, he joins industry stalwart, creative polymath and bona fide dance music legend and Gui Boratto for the duo’s stunning debut collaboration. A seasoned talent the art of production and live performance, Boratto is deeply embedded in the Brazil's thriving scene. Already recognized as a titan of melodic techno, Monolink is set to present Under Darkening Skies as a means to transport the listener deeper into the building blocks of his musical anatomy. 

Connect with all artists involved in this latest release via the socials below and stay tuned for Monolink's sophomore album Under Darkening Skies, set for release on June 11th


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