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Jeremy Olander & Fehrplay - "Balboa" [Download]

The hectic life of touring on the road can often mean a complete halt in production for certain artists. For others, the time on the road means makeshift studio work and collaborations with fellow tour mates. On the latest Pryda Friends tour, youngsters Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay have used their spare time traveling across North America to pump out a bit of new music, released for free as a thank you to all the fans.

"Balboa" is yet another piece of fantastic progressive house from the two Eric Prydz protégés, winding arpeggios through different keys before dropping into a deeper, hollow beat. Still, their styles individually shine through, as Fehrplay's dark side contrasts Olander's feel-good harmonies later on in the track. As we've come to expect from much of the Pryda-endorsed music, this track offers a variety of different melodies that are so gradual in build, even the most careful ears might struggle to notice them. With the tour ending this weekend at Pacha in New York City, this track may be a bittersweet moment to a milestone journey for the two young talents.


Jeremy Olander & Fehrplay


  • 21-11-2013


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