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The Chainsmokers – "#Selfie" (LIV at Midnight Edit)

In a few short weeks 2013 will hang its hat as its rowdy predecessor 2014 will rear its rambunctious head. Looking back on the year there were many trends that defined our generation. Artists like Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, and Diplo made “twerking,” a thing. Shocked children watched in horror as their beloved Hannah Montana gyrated her turkey basted ass on Robin Thicke at the VMA’s, and cat’s around the world dominated our bandwidth. Another trend that prevailed from the previous years is the bastardized black sheep of social media, the self-aggrandizing selfie. There is the “duck face” selfie, the #justwokeup #nofilter (we call bullshit on that madam) selfie, the “OMG, So tired” selfie, the cat face selfie (remember cat breading . . . that was pleasant), and our (least) favorite, the behind the back ain’t got no ass selfie.

New York duo The Chainsmokers scoffed at the internet trend and decided to play satire by producing a track that diverts from their indie progressive style. “#Selfie” is an electrified party track and was released in celebration of their headlining performance at the industry leading Las Vegas venue LIV this Friday. Nod to the line “why does the DJ keep playing Summer Time Sadness,” finally someone has said what we are all thinking. So push that ass out, purse your lips, find your filter and instagram that joint. If you’re in Vegas be sure to check out The Chainsmokers as they murder their decks at LIV night club tonight, Novemeber 22nd. #Selfie #NoFilter #Vegas #Party #Chainsmokers #BossBitch #LetsHopeTheSelfieDiesIn2013.


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  • Yeah cause LIV is totally in Las Vegas….

    Robby Cohen December 5, 2013 9:52 AM Reply

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