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Trevor Jackson is the hero in disguise in the cinematic video for “Your Everything”

Trevor Jackson is back with yet another brilliant self-directed short film. In the video for “Your Everything”, the third single from his debut album, The Love Language, Jackson quite literally becomes everything for the one he loves. He personifies her chauffeur, neighbour, delivery man, family members, a police officer and robber (simultaneously) and lets his lover know that even if she has no one left, he will become any and everything for her, as long as it makes her happy.

Listening to the song alone, you may conjure up an image in your head, expecting the video to go one way. But Jackson has time and time again successfully took a 180°, creating cinematic pieces that are different, unique and innovative. As the director of his own music videos, along with art collective Autre Fish, Trevor Jackson has consistently brought thoughtful art back to the forefront of music videos. 

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