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Gleaming quartet Decorator drop their new EP Gentleman’s Sweep

Alternative R&B and indie pop four-piece Decorator excite with a shimmering, hypnotic sound. Unleashing their latest EP Gentleman’s Sweep, the five-track triumph boldly displays their musical and lyrical range. The project has always resonated with fans live, but at times they have struggled to bottle that raw chemistry in the studio. With this EP they have finally managed to capture their most vulnerable and candid artistry.

The first tune “Drunk On Chocolate Sunrise” is a smooth offering detailing the stakes of failing to make it in the music industry. Portrayed in a playful, sarcastic manner, you feel the deep shame and embarrassment of that heartbreak. “Savage” stuns with striking synths and fierce falsetto. Narrating a personal account of a drunken night, singer Miles Melendrez recalls the strong connection he felt with a girl. With only the left over vague, fuzzy memories, he can only ponder what could have been. The EP ends with the sensual sounds of Love Prone. Taking you on a sexual journey, this release radiates with lush, shiny soundscapes and vocals bursting with passion.

Gentleman’s Sweep is a term used in NBA basketball for when a team doesn’t outright sweep another team out of the playoffs in four games, but instead drops one game to the opposing team and wins in five wins. The group reveals, “It felt appropriate since this EP is five quick songs but probably took longer to finish than it needed to. We love basketball and will never miss a chance to drop a basketball reference.”

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Alternative · Indie Pop · R&B


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Wendy Muñoz
Wendy Muñoz
1 month ago

LOVE THIS MUSIC!!! Can't wait to hear more.