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Amy Milner shares the glacial new single "Spell Hope"

The brilliant Amy Milner shares the title track from her debut album "Spell Hope" and it's a glacial force that is both compelling and emotive. Showcasing her elegant vocals, the track transforms into a powerful wish for hope and leaves you navigating through the rest of the album wanting to feel exactly what Amy is providing. 

Woven with cinematic production and built upon expansive guitar lines, "Spell Hope" is a transcendent moment of bliss. Its stellar sonics and incredible lyricism provokes the strongest imagery and heightens the most intense of emotions. Provocative in the way that you might be left with a tear or two, or you might in fact feel uplifted with joy, "Spell Hope" offers ethereal qualities like no other.

“spell_hope is about finding the hope, the way forward, the light in dark places, the order in chaos, the things that are most important. It is about creative freedom. Not compromising on integrity and originality, and resisting the shortcuts, the temptation of an easier road. It is about reaching that end goal, that unstoppable ambition. The power we all have within us to change things, to make things happen. To keep running even after our legs tell us to "stop".

Amy Milner's music displays her delicate song-writing talents and her luminous creative force. This is an artist who understands exactly what she has to offer and gifts that to us with such ease. Amy Milner is one of my favourite artists of this year.

spell_hope is released by independent label EKT Records.

Connect with Amy Milner: Spotify | Twitter Instagram

Pop · Rhythmic Pop · U.K.


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