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alexdrake. wants us to just "Let It Go"

LA-based singer-songwriter alexdrake. returns with the pop-rock tune "Let It Go". Enlisting the help of Nick Casasanto from Knuckle Puck as his co-writer, the track is a collaboration that explores the realm of exciting alt-rock and offers a very positive outlook on the future. 

With emo-influenced lyrics and build upon a combination of punching rhythm sections and riveting guitar lines, the single is a thrilling anthem for nurturing good energy and being kind to yourself. Glazed with pop-punk traits, "Let It Go" morphs into an uplifting track that provides glimpses of euphoria. "‘Let It Go' started as a poem I wrote to my overarching friend group to remind them that as young humans in this world, regardless of the hardships of 2020, we have a whole lot of life ahead of us to live and its best to move on and let go of any and all things stunting our mental growth even prior to 2020's turmoil," explains alexdrake.

"Individual growth and happiness is something I feel all humans should aspire each day to adhere to, it was very easy to get intertwined in negativity in 2020 which I saw take over a lot of my loved ones' mindsets - and ‘Let It Go' sets out to remind my loved ones and all its listeners that no matter what you've been through there are brighter times ahead, it is just in your control."

If there's one thing certain about alexdrake.'s musicality, it's that it's always offering a friendly face and a shoulder to lean on. Within his music, he somehow manages to capture exactly what you need to hear in a time of need and delicately channels that into something uplifting. "Let It Go" is just another example of his stellar creativity. 

"Let It Go" is taken from alexdrake.'s forthcoming debut EP. 

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