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Cami Petyn is “Tired” of overwhelming thoughts [Video]

We can all relate to those insecure moments where we hyper focus on everything we do. There is a negative inner voice that rears its ugly head and tells us we are not good enough. Cami Petyn relays the deep mental exhaustion that comes from that feeling in her new single “Tired”. The tune features colorful, electro soundscapes and rich, haunting vocals. Seamlessly showcasing her unique pop style, her sound takes influence from artists such as Billie Eilish, yet still remains her own.

Singing, “get me off of this ride / I want to go back home/ get me off of this ride I don’t know where it goes,” listeners can instantly connect to the message of struggling to cope with the spiraling emotions that circulate in our minds. Her accompanying visuals also portray that same sentiment, as the singer is being chained up and yanked around by people with head coverings. Those mysterious beings represent the toxic thoughts in her brain taking control. By the end of the video they fall to the ground, illustrating her taking back the power and not letting them consume her. Cami reveals of the song, “The lyrics sing of the frustration of feeling insecure which undoubtedly many of us can relate to.” 

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