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LEEPA invites you to "switch places" [Video]

Berlin-based alt-pop sensation in the making LEEPA is back with her first single of the year, "switch places."

Despite its uplifting and jovial aesthetic, it addresses the important ongoing conversation of sexism, not just in music but its impact on everyday life too. In her own words, LEEPA shares to the matter in an email statement that, "Sexism, like all kinds of oppression, is unacceptable, we all know that. Yet it remains. It remains because the oppressors (whether consciously or unconsciously) see no reason to change anything. As we all realize in the racism debate, it can be very difficult to admit being part of a system that draws its impetus from the oppression and exploitation of 'minorities'."

With the instrumentation predominantly comprised of simply rhythmic guitars, synth textures and understated beats, naturally, much of the focus of the "switch places" is on the lyricism and vocal performance. Carrying dutiful levels of exasperation, vindication and emotion to offer a new perspective on this antiquated and unfair reality we live in, LEEPA approaches the subject with ease and empowerment, swathed in her addictive pop sensibilities to leave the food for thought firmly planted in your mind.

LEEPA concludes the same statement with, "While it is very unfortunate and frustrating to still have to fight for equality and representation, we will not give up. Communication, in my opinion, is still the most important tool of such debates. That’s why I wrote a song about it, and I want to inspire all genders and ages to stand strong - to be strong."

"switch places" is available now via Columbia.

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