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Anushka elevates on latest single "Speak to Me"

As the world slowly opens back up from pandemic closures, artists like Anushka are helping us prepare for the euphoric vibes that are sure to follow. The Brighton-based duo’s latest single “Speak to Me” features vivacious, dance floor-ready energy that is paired with mindful lyrics that explore spirituality. The track is out now via the label Tru Thoughts.

Producer Max Wheeler and vocalist Victoria Port have well-established chemistry that is on full display on “Speak to Me” as they blend heady elements with a visceral, buoyant groove. Wheeler delivers understated instrumentals that maintain the liveliness throughout while also providing a warm springboard for Port’s ethereal vocal delivery.

The song’s lyrics float over the top of the pulsing music as Port explores one’s connection to a higher power and the natural world. Her unhurried delivery makes the listener hang on every word, and her vocals blossom into heavenly harmonic stacks at a few choice moments. With equal parts taste and originality, “Speak to Me” will certainly get listeners moving, offering just the latest example why we should watch out for Anushka.

"Speak to Me" is available to stream or download here.

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Alternative R&B · Dance · Electronic · Feature · U.K.


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