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KEYS show us “This Side Of Luv” in nostalgic new single

British band KEYS take us back to the '70s with their infectious, sun-soaked new single “This Side Of Luv.” Drenched in feel-good melodies and warm, muted tones, the five-piece have created an uplifting track reminiscent of Bay City Rollers. Hailing from Wales, the British pop band tell their love story through heartfelt lyrics, layered harmonies, and jangly instrumentation. The charming “This Side Of Luv” brings an immediate sense of happiness to listeners, soothing the soul and pleasing the mind. 

Recorded straight to tape, the band take us on a trip down memory lane, emanating the familiar sounds and sensations from the much-loved disco era. KEYS maintain a level of originality and authenticity throughout their music, which is emphasized with their desire to record with old school equipment. Each crackle and hiss brings further life to their sound, making it distinctly their own. Singer Matthew Evans shares in their press release, “We recorded these tracks on Cassette four track machines during lockdown. Let’s not pretend we had access to an expensive studio, we didn’t. It was a time to connect with bedroom songwriting again. These are not band arrangements worked out in a rehearsal room – these were written and recorded simultaneously. Not demos but songs that took shape during the "recording process.”

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