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Eli Moon unveils the haunting "killmeinmysleep" [Video]

Following his standout debut project, Bodies, in 2019, South Londoner Eli Moon makes his 2020 return with the hauntingly lachrymose "killmeinmysleep." Forgoing much of the synth work from previous releases, his shadowy approach to R&B seamlessly transfers into this sublime, acoustic guitar-led affair.

Reminiscent of Frank Ocean's blonde, Moon has the same rare ability to completely ensnare your consciousness with a handful of simple, yet masterfully executed components. Gentle guitars carry his melancholic, pitched-down tones through a punishing, self-reflective narrative as the reverb-soaked atmosphere pulls you in even further. To further compound the themes of internal struggle, the monochrome and subtly animated visual performs as an extension of his own psyche, trapping him in his childhood bedroom to face his inner demons.

Moon outlines in a statement that, "The song is an introspective expression of both the inner turmoil I face everyday with not wanting to deal with people and the self-sabotaging results of that behaviour. With all that’s going on in the world today, I think it’s fair to say we have all found ourselves feeling claustrophobic and out of touch with reality and if this song can help ease the tension for just one individual, then I have done my job."

"killmeinmysleep" is out now via MERIDIAN.

Connect with Eli Moon: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify


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