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Sim Fane shares kaleidoscopic debut EP 'Where She Lived'

Having spent the past few years lending his production prowess to some of the biggest new names in Dutch music, Netherlands-based producer Sim Fane confidently steps into the fore with his articulate and expansive debut project, the electronically charged and envelope-pushing Where She Lived

Sonically recalling the likes of PC Music, Cashmere Cat, and Sophie, the opening salvo and title track slowly introduces us into the vividly colorful, almost cartoonish world he's forged throughout the project; one filled with club beats, tight plucks, shimmering arpeggios, pitched vocal chops and no completely discernable genre.

"Don't Let Me Down" and "Emerald" follow, which sees his palette incorporate further organic sounds into his sugary coalescence of synthetics, whilst maintaining the restless energy. Teaser single "Falling" preludes the explosive, trap-leaning "Some Say," with "Wish You Were Here" harmoniously closing out his well-rounded debut with slow-burning emotion.

Where She Lived is out now via Nine And A Half.

Connect with Sim Fane: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud



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