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Shaefri releases “Say You’ll Be There” ahead of her upcoming EP

Rising Pop singer, Shaefri has released a new record, “Say You’ll Be There” which will appear on her forthcoming EP Girl

Shaefri’s music is like a sweet treat — a treat so sweet you invite others to share with you just so they experience it’s unforgettable taste. She spends the first twenty seconds setting the rhythm with parts of the attention-grabbing chorus before diving into what losing a loved one feels like. For those who can make it past the first verse without feeling emotional, the tear-jerking pre-hook will hit unexpectedly. The pre-hook features the singer’s soft voice over piano chords. The switch from her singing over the beat to the solemn moment with just piano is worth experiencing. 

Speaking on her state of mind while writing the song, she shares, “I’m cautious of bringing up mental health because it has become such a click bait topic, but most people suffer from depression at points, myself included. It’s becoming less and less taboo to talk about but I wanted to emphasise the need for open, honest communication and how both sides, of any relationship need to reach out for and to help; you never know who might be struggling.”

Shaefri makes her music relatable and even when the lyrics are dark, her warm voice sends a rush of happiness. Her upcoming EP, Girl will be released on July 1st. The project will feature previously released songs like “Girl,” and “23”.

Connect with Shaefri: Twitter | Instagram 



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