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Somebody's Child's "Hold Me Like You Wanna" is a reminder of the risks we take

In less than two years Somebody's Child has made a name for himself in the Irish music scene and has found his footing within his own artistry. His new single, "Hold Me Like You Wanna" is a reminder of the risk we take when we let someone in, whether that be under normal circumstances or in the midst of a pandemic. 

"Hold Me Like You Wanna" soundtracks the potential for regret. The blending of electric guitar, bright synths, and a raspy vocal elicit a feeling of nostalgia and longing. Somebody's Child hasn't shied away from opening up as his lyrics are both personal and political. The indie-pop artist's previous five singles were essential to getting him to this point. He says, "This is the first time you’ve heard what Somebody’s Child is about. Everything else up until now has been just getting to this point." "Hold Me Like You Wanna" is a testament to all of the work that has gone into his musicianship.
Since releasing his first single "Make You Alright" in 2018, Somebody's Child has garnered over one million streams on Spotify alone and landed himself a slot in the Reading and Leads Festival. He hopes listeners connect to his authenticity on "Hold Me Like You Wanna," as well as his debut EP, 20-Something, following on August 7th.
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