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The Slice, Episode 54 [Urban Feature]

We open up episode 54 of The Slice on a slightly upbeat note with lyricist Ethos's guitar-driven"Vagabond." The self-produced track focuses on Ethos' dense lyricism and journey to finding solace in his own way. Nigerian singer Cyclone Artemis' emotional pleas on "Invitation" doesn't go unnoticed while emerging act Gawvi thrills us with this soulful but insightful cut titled  "Vain." OKORO's "Sins of the Father" explores the dynamics of fear and social injustice from a very unique perspective and will definitely hit the soul. UK rapper Broughton implores us to "Keep It Moving" even in the face of failure and defeat as veteran hip-hop group ILL EFFECT share their near decade long musical journey with "Footprints."  

Tahj Ace channels the spirit of a "Champion" on his new release as he wades through the darkest period in his life. Production team Before the Camera and vocalist Sheila Atim team up for this reflective record "I Remember When" which sees Atim brooding on a past relationship. We get some good old '90s R&B vibes on ALSNDRA's "Trust" while newcomer Nancy Gomes shares her thoughts on the defiant "Go Away." Rumbelo's "Plastic Fantastic"  is a Stephen King-inspired cut but it's far from being gloomy and rather has a bright uplifting vibe needed in this quarantine season. Artist and producer AKA Block tells a self-destructive story in his moody single "Lonely Alone," while veteran Swedish rapper and producer Promoe delivers an off-the-cuff melodic flow on "Snabb bil." Producer and rapper Yury shows us his true "Purpose" on the ominous, somewhat offbeat self-produced track while the UK emcees and former Nasty Crew members Mak 10 and Nasty Jack  have fun on the sparse bouncy record "Love Life."

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