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Gia Woods confronts her "EGO" in latest release from forthcoming debut EP [Video]

LA's Gia Woods is on a journey of self discovery. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter has been releasing liberating pop numbers since her debut in 2015, using her platform to embrace all of her truths, in turn becoming a voice for those who may not yet be ready to do the same. It comes as no surprise, then, that her forthcoming debut EP, CUT SEASON, is said to revolve heavily around introspection. With her newest single "EGO" rounding out the quintessential story of letting go of a toxic relationship. 

Draping her breathy vocals over a robust bass line, Woods quickly unravels, releasing her poisoned thoughts out into the world so they may never penetrate her mind again. There is an impatience to the production, swooping in with hollowed out reverbs, quickly building up to the euphoric release of the chorus. Her voice remains steady, unwavering to the pressures of the electric raucous around her. It's subtle, but stands as a true testament to the state of mind she has worked on achieving throughout her writing process. The same mentality that allows her to remain standing amidst the rubble of her fallen circle. "For my EP 'Cut Season' I wanted to dive into all the toxic people I felt I was surrounded by and emotional patterns I noticed in other people and even in myself," Woods shares in a poignant statement. "These were reasons to cut them out one by one."

Pairing her releases with music videos co-directed with Jenna Marsh, she replaces the burdensome subject matter with vibrant colours, meticulous choreography and abundant style. The imagery is deliberate (green is often related to greed or ambition), but it never feels cheap. Like its starring songstress, it exudes luxury, careful thought, and a penchant for beauty. 

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