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DOV is "Mind High" on glitchy new single

Experimental pop artist DOV has just dropped a trippy new bop "Mind High" featuring frequent vocal collaborator Tesha. The track comes after 2019's cerebral Be Your Lover EP and is the first single from his sophomore EP set to release in July. "Mind High" is a brilliant blend of talent from the two ambitious creatives. It has an elegant flow and cohesion that is much more than merely a producer backing a vocalist. In fact, at the song's most compelling moments, the two provide a confidence and clarity of vision that suggest the focus of a single artistic entity.

"Mind High" is a psychedelic banger to say the least. In the chaotically layered instrumental from DOV, we hear fascinating whirs, beeps, and flickers of electronic action. He brings abrasive blares and soothing rings alike that unite surprisingly well. The beat feels like the release of endorphins from finally hacking the mainframe. Meanwhile, Tesha brings gorgeous vocal croons with heady statements like, "I wish that heaven was as simple as a shot in the head," and "Trying not to risk my precious hive mind." Her voice is intoxicating yet daunting, an excellent fit for the artificial ambivalence that the sonic landscape brings. The two artists keep an impressive pace with one another, never overreaching or staying complacent. Tesha can bring the vocal charisma to match the cacophonic beat while DOV can hone in his eccentricities to guide his muse.

"Mind High" feels like a visceral escape from the mundane and a journey into technological purgatory. It is quickly disorienting and equally captivating. Surely DOV and Tesha have struck gold in their creative chemistry and it should be explored further.

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