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Curren$y and Fendi P drop staggering new project "Smokin' Potnas"

A dynamic pair of New Orleans' lyricists, Curren$y and Fendi P have linked up for Smokin' Potnas, a nine-track album that brings hard-hitting flows and off the wall energy. The new collaborative effort comes after an ambitious arsenal of releases in 2019 from both artists and also comes alongside the deluxe release of Curren$y's The Tonight Show With Curren$y. The approach that both rappers take on Smokin' Potnas is admirably balanced. They bring confidence alongside relaxation, urgency paired with comfort. The project manages to proclaim a pressing lyrical ability while simultaneously stepping back and allowing their skills to marinate.

Clocking in at just twenty-six minutes, Smokin' Potnas speedy but an engaging display of hip-hop. The duo does an effective job of keeping the music fast-paced and attention-grabbing through their nimble back and forth bars along with relatively short track runtime. No beat runs too long and no voice is rendered stale. Vibes and grooves are constantly refreshed and fun ideas never burn out. Another fascinating aspect of Smokin' Potnas is how the voices of Curren$y and Fendi P so seamlessly keep each other in check. While both have strong verbal versatility, Curren$y tends to stroll along and ride the beat while Fendi P aims to rip through it. Remarkably, each voice seems to chime in just as the other starts to grow weary. The balancing act is a feat in and of itself.

Whether it's the tactical and maniacal indulgence of "Strategize" or the shimmering swagger on "Eye of the Tiger," Curren$y and Fendi P can attack the track any which way. They carry a profound understanding of their own style that is rare in today's rap landscape. Although brief, Smokin' Potnas is a convincing display of wit, character, and raw rap fluency.

Connect with Curren$y: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Fendi P: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram


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