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Lucy & La Mer sees the beauty of adventure in ‘Discover’

Lucy & La Mer has always been a vibrant light of positivity, promoting messages of self-care and honest self expression. Her bubbly personality and encouraging energy have allowed her fans to bond and connect deeply to her music. Now revealing her video for her single ‘Discover’ she’s put out all the feel-good vibes that are so authentically Lucy. Featuring animated cheerful soundscapes and bright peppy vocals, in her video she’s all smiles as she makes her way through the scenic Parisian streets. Thematically, the folk-pop anthem is about simplifying complicated feelings and touches on the notion of happiness and self-validation.

Los Angeles based Lucy & La Mer is the indie project of singer/songwriter Lucy LaForge. She is known for her folk pop fusion with colorful melodies.  Hosting fundraising concerts for LA’s LGBT Center (the “Love is Gay” event) she prides herself on community activism.

Sharing the stage with renowned acts from electro artist Moby to emo rockers Bayside, she’s gaining recognition as a fearless force. Check out Lucy & La Mer’s ‘Discover’ visuals and get ready to open your eyes to a whole new world of exploration.   

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