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Es challenges us on "The Do Better Challenge"

"The Do Better Challenge" is a thought-provoking record by Mississauga based emcee Es that taps into the way social media has affected our social behavior in recent times. Over a solemn but smooth backdrop he details the excesses we are forced to endure on our various timelines from Facebook, Instagram to Twitter. From the numerous memes and clout chasing schemes people employ to gain attention, the trend is quite worrisome Es explains but far from a preachy standpoint. 

The video splices various popular viral videos such as the ALS ice bucket to the world star melee videos alongside his performances. It shows how unhinged things can get when we rely on way too much social media for our information and self-validation. In a nutshell, the song summarises all the many wack situations Es has seen online over the past few years. "The Do Better Challenge" is taken from his album entitled Social Meteor Vol 1: Inspired By My Timeline out right now on all DSPs here.  For those that don't know Es is producer Elaquent's blood brother.

Connect with Es : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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