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Franc Moody draws a new "Dream in Colour"

Doing a quick Google search on Franc Moody, you will probably get some questions brewing in your head. Is the group five people? Is it two? That's because the array of photos that populate show the group as such, in varying size and quantity - all for good reason, as the collective is headed up by Ned Franc and Jon Moody, who together have created a space for like-minded London artists to explore their music making. 

Then there's their work on their own. Franc Moody has released their latest track performed wholly by themselves, entitled "Dream in Colour." It's unabashedly infectious and free-thinking, drawing on 8-bit electronic production, soul and funk to create an irresistible summer track. 

"Dream in Colour" is out now via their own imprint Juicebox Recordings.

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