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The Code releases dance-inspired visuals to "slowdancinginamerica"

In June we celebrate pride and the all-encompassing spectrum of love and acceptance. During this month, we are taught that labels can be limiting, and that lines are meant to be blurred. So I ask- if we can do it for our personal identities, why can't we for our creative ones? U.K producer The Code has shared this sentiment since his debut in 2013. Remaining nameless and faceless, he continues to strive for artistic freedom, unshackled from genre labels and shallow expectations. The newest visuals for his "slowdancinginamerica" single off his Mercury EP epitomize the driving force behind his creations- that music always has and always will be bigger than any of us. 

Directed by Joseph B. Carlin, "slowdancinginamerica" sticks to its purpose of showing the power of art. Featuring an entrancing choreography performed by two dancers across a stark white background, it slowly transitions to new platforms in a symbolic unfurling of the song's influence over a soulless city. Now following unknowing people from all walks of life across the city, we watch them as they let go of their doubts, sorrow, pride, and angst, inspired by the ongoing dance routine. It's all part of the tireless mission The Code is on to use music to bring people together. On his bio, he explains that "...I have just always believed that my music is bigger than who I am, and that it has the power, to be formless and also the potential to impact the world, and bring people together, which is truly beautiful."

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