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Duke & Jones drop frightful 'Paradox' EP on Barong Family

Manchester duo Duke & Jones have vivaciously re-colored the gray lines for electronic music. Their latest four-track EP, Paradox, on Barong Family is no exception, as it frightfully blends a hodgepodge of genres into one EP. 

Paradox was built from the ground up with a completely different angle in mind. Wanting to keep a minimal trap sound at the forefront of this EP, Duke & Jones throw you for a loop with each and every track on this EP. The EP opens with "Deception," which is in collaboration with Las Vegas-based DJ and producer Lucchii. The producers build the piece up and unleash a subtle drop that truly simplifies the entire track. "Spectral" is up to bat next, and it rolls in quietly and then goes in with a YOOKiE-sounding drop. The third track, "Fracture," begins to wrap up Paradox with an intro that sends shivers down your spine. A grungy bass assists in the build while glitching synths and silence aid in a relentless release. "Breach" wraps up the Paradox EP with widened stabs, light arpeggios, and warping bass. Listen closely as Duke & Jones sprinkle in pieces of "ear candy" throughout this track.  

"We wanted to keep the minimal trap sound that we're known for on this EP, but mixed in with sci-fi environment sounds," Duke & Jones state in a press release. "The soundscapes from both Alien and Annihilation were a big part of the inspiration." 

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Dubstep · Electronic · Main Stage · Trap


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