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Swim Deep are back and ready "To Feel Good" with new gospel-inspired track

Taking a hiatus after their second album, Swim Deep have been faced with a number of hurdles since their formation back in 2011. Personal issues and friendships strained, the existence of Swim Deep has never been easy. But when you've got a story worth telling, you're persistent. Hoping that one-day things will all work out the way you plan. Sometimes that journey takes a little while longer that expected, but maybe, just maybe Swim Deep are finally there.

Their transformation from an indie-psych hybrid, to a slightly more synth-poppy band, has now lead them down into a more delicate, gospel-inspired path. Trialing a tormenting spoken word monologue on their return single "To Feel Good", the track sees lead singer Austin Williams carelessly present his thoughts, unafraid of what critique may present him. 

Never shy of trying new things, the tenacity of Swim Deep is enthralling. Sampling the 90s hit "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" by Rozalla, the track displays the band's well-credited DIY ethos and stresses that perseverance and strength can defeat all the hiccups in life. Their cleverly intertwined combination of synth-pop and gospel creates an uplifting, weightless feeling. "To Feel Good" is hauntingly ethereal, to say the least.

Also featuring comforting keyboard chords, the track picks polished Swim Deep traits from their back catalogue, refusing to leave behind their tricks of the trade. Now formed as a five-piece, with both Austin and bassist Cavan as the only original members, "To Feel Good" reflects the harsh brutality of Swim Deep's career. Despite their history, their venture into new music shares a cathartic feeling. Despite the band's mishaps and unfortunate events, their creativity continues to blossom in full force. 

Swim Deep's new album Emerald Classics is released on October 4th.

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