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Adanna Duru teams up with jazz musician Casey Abrams on "Trip Remix" [Video]

Adanna Duru's latest entry "Trip Remix " enlists Los Angeles jazz musician Casey Abrams to deliver a heartfelt performance rich with rousing instrumentation and a captivating cinematic backdrop.

The song itself is about choosing to no longer make hasty generalizations. Heartbreak can often lead to assuming the worst of people, but “Trip” defies that, with the want to accept someone new and trust them for who they show you they are. Although she retains her soulful demeanor Duru goes for a more synth-driven backdrop on this tune, the song slowly builds into a dramatic climax on the hook with its haunting vocals and thrilling chords and hard-hitting drums. 

The visual set in a remote place showcases Duru's expressive style laced with the organic feel of the outdoors. The original record was released on her last EP Manic Pixie Dreamgirl

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