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Adanna Duru flips the script in uplifting new single "King"

Adanna Duru's work ethic is enviable, and it seems she is not hitting the breaks anytime soon. The LA-based pop/R&B act already has two EPs under her belt (2017's Star Dive and 2018's Manic Pixie Dreamgirl), and she's kicking off a new phase with brand new single titled "King."

The song has a vibrant, catchy vibe that truly showcases her pop sensibilities mixed with classic R&B harmonies. The topic of discussion here is quite noteworthy as Adanna takes the trite slogan "Men Are Trash" and flips it on its head by focusing on a more positive aspect of the masculine gender. She breaks down the attributes of the great men out there who don't get the recognition and love they deserve. While placing emphasis on men worthy of these accolades, Adanna reveals she crafted the song for someone who only exists within her imagination: her ideal man.

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[…] Connect with Adanna Duru: Twitter  | Facebook| Instagram | Website  […]