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Amanda Tenfjord goes back to her childhood with "The Floor Is Lava"

Trondheim based Amanda Tenfjord brings her lush Nordic pop back into your life with the new single "The Floor Is Lava", the first single since her debut EP First Impression.

Co-written and produced by Sløtface bassist Lasse Lokøy, the tune is 3 minutes of pure joy."We tried to write the lyrics to resonate with the feeling of freedom when you're a child", says Lokøy. "It's about the infinite possibilities available to you in your childhood - and wanting to relive, or recreate that in your adult years."

Embracing her youth, "The Floor Is Lava" is a euphoric anthem capturing the carefree nature of being young. Inspired by children playing hide and seek, Amanda explains that "the song is really about being high on life and having a good time without being particularly influenced by other things. Pure ignorant happiness, just like when you're a child."

With glimmering pop sequences and a catchy chorus, Amanda Tenfjord's re-introduction into the pop world has been long-awaited. "The Floor Is Lava" is a slice of Nordic charm from the inimitable Tenfjord.

Amanda Tenfjord is playing Iceland Airwaves between 6-9 November 2019.

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