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Synth-pop princess Alexa Melo feels "Hollow" in the music video for her new single

Dark synth-pop princess and producer Alexa Melo is feeling "hollow" in the music video for her new single, a haunting tune set in a deep, dark subway tunnel. Hell hath no fury as Melo croons that she's given all that she's got, her razor-sharp brown eyes staring into the camera.

"Several months after a messy, mind-fuck of a breakup, I became cold and unable to open up emotionally. I was beginning to date again and I realized that I was being reckless and dismissive with people, clearly fueled by unresolved anger," Melo says of the track. "This song is about feeling doomed to harbor emptiness and carry rage into all of my next relationships." 

Her synth-supported vocals hush over a wailing guitar line that pays homage to Garbage and other industrial pop bands of the late '90s. She certainly has some Shirley Manson style on this one and it goes far beyond the dramatic eye makeup. 

Connect with Alexa Melo: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook 

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