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Teulu teaches us ambience in new release "For The Learner"

If one could bottle up the West Coast - particularly the Pacific Northwest - soft, ambient sounds of swaying trees and subtle chirps would come to mind. Based in the Pacific Northwest, artist Teulu translates the vivid soundscapes of the forest and the animals, into visceral tales of learning and repose. Brand new on the scene, his release "For The Learner" is a calming rhapsody brimming with introspection and the ebbs and flows of life.

As the poet M. Schlitzmann says, "On a long enough waveform, all energy looks the same. The light reflected off the ocean, the salt that sticks to your hair, light is the equation that converts all matter to energy. Memory is how light holds a moment of time. Created and recreated anew each day, the light in your mind is a fluid that ebbs and flows, holding memory inside itself. Memory tells us where we want to be. Teulu is the distance between you and where you want to be, between today and your memories, the space between held hands which can never be crossed."
The track is the epitome of Schlitzmann's words - a long, drawn out waveform of ambient sounds tinged with nostalgia. Sentimentality runs rampant through the soft lyricism, illuminating the twinkling melodies that roll over in beautiful symphony. From the chirping of the birds, to the subtle dips in tones, Teulu expertly weaves a parable that traverses through time and space both magical and otherworldly. 


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Photo credit: Sleeper Studios

Ambient · Atmospheric · Electronic


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