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Half An Orange dive into the cosmic universe of "Buzz Lightyear" in new video

Hot on the heels of their latest Monstercat releases, Ohio natives Andrew Spellman and Michael Maloof of Half An Orange have recently released their highly anticipated "Buzz Lightyear". Their tenth release, the track is a beautiful sonic construction, overflowing with soothing vocals, pulsating synths and meandering melodies - for a perfect aural consolidation.

To further illustrate, the duo have released an ethereal, animated music video that fleshes out their colourful sci-fi world. 

“The song "Buzz Lightyear" is about wishing you could fly away from your problems and situation but you can’t because your mistakes and baggage are weighing you down,” the duo shares. Indeed, the intergalactic reverie Half An Orange weaves shares the sentiment. The surfacing synths and calming vocals becomes the grounding point of the track and holds you down - a perfect translation of the core message that resonates with its listeners. 

Rolling over a pulsing groove, the ambient harmonics flow gently over the cadence, accompanying the visual narrative. As bright colours meld, twinkle and dance, we follow an astronaut running after a speck of light - a metaphor for the aforementioned message. Both the lyrics and the visuals imbue warmth and depth, drawing us deep into our own thoughts.

The video will be officially released on December 6th. Stream "Buzz Lightyear" here.

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