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Ruben Pol wants to "Meet Again" in heart-wrenching video release

Since releasing "Meet Again" a few months ago, the 21-year-old Dutch model and musician Ruben Pol continues to take great strides forward; never stopping, relentlessly pushing, Pol has finally released the official music video for the soul-tinged track. 

A narrative of a broken relationship deeply intimate and personal, "Meet Again" is a reflection of how such a relationship, is of an enormous value to Pol. "Although days turned dark and tears have been dropped, I'm sure in the end, somehow we'll meet again", Pol says. The softly undulating electronic cut, dives straight into the heart, translating the musician's feelings into a more tangible outcome.

The video then becomes a very real and visceral telling of the tale. As Pol's brooding tones ripple over the surface of smooth chord transitions, the scenes transition back and forth from black and white to dreamy neons. Flickering, the camera pans from different angles, focusing on Pol's actions, gestures and facial expressions as he croons over the lightly sweeping electronic beat. His female counterpart delves in and out, painting the story of a tumultuous relationship through each shaky frame. Pol effortlessly showcases his sound through visuals, effectively portraying an introspection known only to those who suffer from these similar broken relationships.


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