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Yoko-Zuna deliver a thought-provoking message on "Minority" feat. Noah Slee

New Zealand electronic four-man hip-hop group Yoko-Zuna team up with vocalist Noah Slee to bring us a heartfelt tearjerker of a track entitled "Minority".

The song hits the bullseye with its somber arrangement and poignant message that dwells with our perception of communities from foreign backgrounds. With Slee's soul-drenched vocals and alluring melodies, Yoko-Zuna's layered solemn backdrop help cement the entire affair.

The visuals for "Minority" delivers a beautiful cinematic aesthetic that shows a somewhat dystopian world where kids hold the key to the future of the planet. We are left with the aftermath filled with the kids of Earth having attained the power and technology to reset the wrongs of the elders. The video captures some of New Zealand’s most scenic locations, including Tongariro National Park, Whakapapa, the Desert Road, Waiuku, and the iconic Horopito Motor Junk Yard. Created by Yoko-Zuna drummer Swap Gomez, this video is a must-see, so hit the play button immediately.

 "Minority" is taken from Yoko-Zuna's new album Voyager.

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