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Echlo comes out from her shell on "Head High" [Video]

After showing us the ups and downs of social media dating on "Got Me Drinking", singer/songwriter ECHLO returns with another thought-provoking record she calls "Head High". On this record, she fully displays her expressive vocals over a genre-bending soundscape that exudes an ultra-surreal vibe that is just too dynamic to be boxed in. The song dwells on her defiant nature and inclination to stray from the norm or forced social construct women are placed in. This concept echoes deep into her style of writing and even the structure of the song which starts off with just her lush vocals backed by a minimal gloomy synth. This slowly builds up as she flows into the chorus where she totally let loose with an unbridled emotional energy.

The visuals really take into account the lyrics/premise of the song as we get to see Echlo in various forms or scenes. One point, she acts like a helpless individual struggling with coming to terms with her normalcy and another she appears like a sirene really to take on the world. Those are just two facets of the act and it won't do the video justice if we put all the spoilers here so hit the play button and give it a full view.

"Head High" is the latest track from her upcoming LP Echolocation, set for an October 26th release date on Kowloon Records. 

Connect with Echlo:  Facebook | Website | Instagram

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