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Instagram darling Abby Jasmine is popping “Tags”

Abby Jasmine first started buzzing on the internet with her viral comedic vines. She now has over 380K followers on Instagram alone. With an irresistibly charming personality and a smooth, beautiful voice  - it’s hard not to fall in love with the charismatic talent.

“Tags" is a captivating track as Jasmine so effortlessly flows over the eerie production. She is flaunting her lifestyle, full of confidence and a slick-talking cadence - it’s mesmerizing. LevyGrey’s breathy feature compliments the song so naturally as well - as it adds an extra piece of magnetism when he first slides on the beat. 

Abby Jasmine is championing her fans to embrace the badass in them and just fully live their best lives. To be yourself, love yourself and exude all the confidence - it seems like that’s what she is all about. 

Connect with Abby Jasmine: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



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