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Echlo isn't down with mixed signals on "Got Me Drinking" [Video]

Chloe Charles aka Echlo takes an honest look at how different dating is in this day and age on her new single "Got Me Drinking". Inspired by her experience on the dating app Tinder, she collates her encounters with all the pros and cons involved.

Armed with a warm expressive vocal tone, Chloe makes it known from the jump that she doesn't play mind games - it's either a yes or no and there is no middle ground. Throughout the course of the song she reflects on how potential suitors tend to hold their cards close, while sending mixed signals. She further adds "...People pulling you in close and then pushing you away and repeating this over and over. It just felt like with this new world of dating apps, people don't know how to connect naturally anymore..."

The visual brings the message closer to home as Echlo confronts the issue head-on during one of the vibrant scenes but for the most part, she is seen vibing out with a carefree attitude.  Listen to "Got Me Drinking" here and buy here

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