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Fhin releases lush electronic mix of "Irréversible"

Known for his sensual electronic style tracks, synth-pop aficionado Fhin releases a new remix of "Irréversible" featuring Chløë Black from his latest EP Around.Away. Around.Away is my exploration of the dream world, of matters of the heart” says Fhin. The EP has racked up nearly 6 million streams, delivering an all around dreamy project. Spotlighting the work of Berlin-based duo Private Agenda, the mix delivers a sultry new perspective to the original track “Irréversible,” highlighting their synth-pop approach.

The chemistry of the pair shines through in their smooth stylistic production, layering balearic beat inspired sounds over the original track. They maintain the overall melodic structure of the original track, keeping its originality while spinning off a playful melancholic approach.  Recently showcasing their sound at Number 90 Festival in London, the duo is paving the way for futuristic expressive tunes. Whether it’s a mix from a synth supremo or an original single, the pair confidently delivers a softer texture to a beautifully sophisticated sound. 

Connect with Fhin: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud 

Connect with Private AgendaFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud 


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